Books vs. Make-Up

As a Make-Up Artist, it's always a pleasure to work for different occasions. I had the luck to meet some special people... People with their own talents who've created a BOOK !

There is one thing that cookbooks have always offered ― and will always offer ― that online recipes simply cannot, and that is their permanence. Cookbooks have the ability to be passed down from generation to generation, which feels more important now than ever, as we try to preserve and underline the importance of culture in today’s world.

1. "Het Sportkookboek" by Sports Dietician Stephanie Scheirlynck

New in stores since last week... "Het Sportkookboek". Exist out of 3 parts (Duursport - Krachtsport - Teamsport). Because I also did Sports-School, Stephanie and I had immediately something to talk about.

These brand new cook books contains 30 tasty and easy to prepare recipes. There is also a translated version: "Sports Cookbook + La diète de l'athlète".

Stephanie is a sports dietician and works for RSC Anderlecht, Greg Van Avermaet, Wout Van Aert, Nafi Thiam, Jolien D'Hoore and many other top athletes. From her experience, she knows very well what nutrients athletes need.

It was a great experience to provide a naturel Make-Up for Stephanie, we worked together with photographer Heikki Verdurme and had a lot of fun while shooting these pictures!

2. "Heerlijke Aardbei Recepten" by Roger Van Damme

Definitely a book that every strawberry lover should have... I have been working for several years for Njam TV and I always provide the Make-Up for Roger Van Damme (and many other chefs). This book contains more then 40 recipes with strawberries. Simple desserts, such as a milkshake, a smoothie or a strawberry soup, but also a surprising carpaccio or a pizza with strawberries.

Roger shares his knowledge about strawberries:

How they grow and grow in Hoogstraten. What you need to watch out for when you buy and save them. What ingredients you can combine them with? What are the favorite preparations in other European countries?

This is a great book that colors your kitchen... always a lot of pleasure and fun on set and to be honest some of the best desserts I've ever had!

3. "Onze receptuur voor Confituur" by Karen Depoorter

In March 2012 Karen’s passionate work was rewarded when she received “Gentse Ondernemer” – the Ghent award for sustainable busisness-ownership. Her very own vision on quality and packaging was the underlying foundation which got her the award. Towards the end of 2012 Karen also released her own book in which 50 of the best and most original recipes are presented. The recipes have a fruit or vegetable flavour twist and combine classic standard jams with more adventurous ones.

For me, Karen is a lovely women entrepreneur! She has a lot of knowledge and it was a pleasure to work together for her Book.

Karen is a young women entrepreneur, she has a lot of experience and it's always a pleasure to work with her... she loves mascara and red lips :)

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Enjoy cooking and reading...

Stay tuned for further blog posts and more Make-Up tips & tricks

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